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NEW Rewards Program - All You Can Eat!

One of the most common questions we get is "Can I swap my Reward for something else?"

We have a better idea: PICK YOUR OWN REWARD!

For every $10 you spend, you can pick up to $1.00 in free items, it's that simple!

Just list the free items you want in the Message To Seller when you make your payment, or feel free to e-mail your choices to

Terms & Conditions:

- Your free items cannot have a total cost over your free amount to spend, not even a penny...sorry, no cheating!

- Also, it's every $10 you spend, not every $9.99...sorry but we are not going to haggle over pennies, this is already a very generous program, so please stick to the terms as stated, thanks.

- This reward applies to the amount you actually spend, not the amount in your cart before you apply coupons or discounts.

- Rewards do not accumulate, and you must ask for your reward(s) when you order. This means you cannot submit an order and then ask for a reward a month later. We do not keep records on what people spend or what rewards they ask for, so USE IT OR LOSE IT!

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Ethereal Pride (Level 16-19) Cryptic Axe

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Atma's Scarab

price: $0.49

Perfect Poison Facet

price: $0.99

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